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International Real Estate
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 It’s obvious you need a good agent especially when trying to sell a home, it’s a fact that there are incompetent agents but here are some ways to identify the good realtor from the incompetent one. So, what makes a good realtor? First, here are some services a good real estate agent should be able to provide for sellers:

  1. Helps to set the right price.
  2. Provides up to date information about recent sales and comps.
  3. Provides information about competing listings in your area.
  4. Markets your home aggressively.
  5. Has knowledge of and can recommend staging techniques to make your house look great.
  6. Maximizes the listing with professional quality photos.
  7. Vets potential buyers so you can deal only with serious prospects.

The market is shifting every day and agents need to stay abreast of changes in the local real estate market. For buyers, recognizing a good real estate agent is really important as it is a serious investment into the future. So what makes a good realtor, in a buyer’s case? A good buyer’s agent should be able to:

  1. Listen to what you want. You don’t want an agent that makes random suggestions on homes you should ‘check out’. But one that is helpful without being patronizing, truly listening to what you say.
  2. Works on your time. Your agent should make themselves available when they are needed by you, not when they have enough time to see you.
  3. Keeps their temper in check. You don’t want an agent that blow hot and cold or lose their temper and hang up on a client, no matter the problems.
  4. Keeps up with the market. Your agent should know how the local real estate market is doing and should be able to inform you accordingly.
  5. They must be professionals at all times. Sometimes the conditions require temper tantrums, but a good agent will keep his/her cool no matter what the client does to irritate them.
  6. An agent must always be open for business. That means they should not only have to turn on their phone or fax when they get home. An agent must always be ready for communication with his clients.

A real estate agent should be honest, kind, helpful, considerate, and above all should seek your interests. This is what makes a good realtor and that is why you should work with me if you’re looking to buy/sell a house, call (714) 963-7462.

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