Transylvania is a real place

Transylvania may be famous for its myths about vampires but it's not a mythical land. It's actually a region located in central Romania.

Transylvania Is A Real Place!

Sandy Flores, Broker/Realtor

Sandy Flores, Broker/Realtor

The Bran Castle, Transylvania. Commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, discover the real story behind the magnificent Bran Castle most famous fictional resident.


Bran Castle is located in Romania is one of the most popular Halloween destinations. Located about 30 km from the capital Bucharest, the protected historical monument is an ancient medieval fortress that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Legend has it that the infamous vampire Dracula lived in this castle.  

Bran Castle was initially built as a fortress in 1211. The castle’s position on the border of Transylvania gave it great military and commercial importance until the border of Transylvania moved in 1836.

Throughout the following years, the castle fell into decay.  In 1920 it was given to Queen Maria of Romania after Transylvania became part of Greater Romania. After a nine-year restoration, Bran Castle remained a favourite royal residence until communism forced the royal family from Romania. The castle has since been returned to the royal family and is once again privately owned.

While many of the items seized by the government during communist times were never recovered, the castle was restored as a museum dedicated to the memory of the royal family of Romania. One can’t help but feel the decor might be just a little Dracula inspired.

I want you to believe…to believe in things that you cannot.
― Bram Stoker, Dracula

More recently, though, Transylvania has embraced the popularity of Dracula and welcomes vampire hunters with open arms.

Bran Castle is one of the most fascinating castles in Europe. The landscape that leads you there, the picturesque town, and the fascinating stories that surround the foreboding and regal residence. If you ever considered visiting Romania, do it for nothing else than to visit the Transylvania region.

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