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International Real Estate
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By Sandy Flores Broker,

I am committed to make the selling of real estate effective, less costly, and easier and offer you our unique Saving Real Estate Listing Program guaranteed results, that will let you save thousands of dollars on the sale of your property. Your home is your lifetime’ investment, asset and large component of your net worth. With so much at stake, you want Sandy Flores, Broker to represent you.

Selling a home is an important financial decision that needs time and effort. Selling the home yourself can save some money that would have been paid to the agent in form of commissions.

However, it may not be the best decision and can end up being more expensive in the long run. The realtor’s commission guarantees expertise and quick selling of your home. Statistics show that home sellers who engage the services of good real estate agents sell their houses faster and for a higher price than those who decide to go solo. Find out the benefits of engaging a real estate agent.

Negotiation is the Secret for Success
As a good  negotiator will definitely fetch a good price for your property. A Realtor who understands the market trends and also has access to market data. A home that is priced high from the initial listing sells faster and for a higher price. Agents also have access to a list of home buyers and can therefore sell the house faster.

Convenience is guaranteed
There is no need of interfering with one’s regular life when selling a home. A good real estate agent screens potential buyers who should visit your home. They show your home when not available and also respond to inquiries. A great real estate agent markets the home online through multiple listing services and through networking which saves your time. They also help negotiate contracts and also handle buyer’s objections professionally.

Bottom Line
Selling a home is complicated. One has to deal with buyers, attorneys and banks. Time, energy and effort are also required to market the home and convince potential buyers. Sandy Flores Real Estate Agent has your best interests and will ensure that your house sells fast and at the highest price in the market and making you save time and money

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