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International Real Estate
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International Real Estate
KMEX 34  Los Angeles, El Gordo y La Flaca,
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Unleash the Power of Choice

Why We're Your Best Real Estate Partner

The real estate journey is filled with choices, and we know that the power of choice is yours. As the leading real estate partner for you, we stand out from the crowd with our unwavering commitment to excellence and the exceptional value we bring to each client.

new homes

Did you know Builders charge NEW HOME BUYERS the same bottom line price with or without a REALTOR® involved?

Don’t go to see a Brand New Home, unless you go with your Realtor.



As your New Home buyer agent,

We unlock the Realtor® cost center and rebates of thousands of dollars back to you, and even more if you have a home to sell.

Or perhaps even completely eliminate the MLS listing fee you would otherwise pay to sell your current home.

Discover New Homes with Endless Potential

If you want to avoid common NEW HOME BUYERS mistakes, including builders, then you would like access
to only experienced and time proven Realtors, then we can help!

Experience Modern Living

New homes offer a range of benefits that appeal to homebuyers looking for modern, efficient, and customizable living spaces.

Here are some key benefits of new homes:

  1. Modern Design and Features

  2. Energy Efficiency

  3. Advanced Technology

  4. CustomizationLow Maintenance

  5. Warranty Protection

  6. Healthy Indoor Environment

  7. Safety Features: Low Resale Wear and Tear

  8. Current Building Codes

  9. Financial Incentives  

a Home Represents an Investment Beyond Economics

It's an Investment in Security, Happiness, and a Place to Call Your Own.
Our Doors are Open to Answer All Your Questions, Share Insights, and Work Together to Accomplish Your Real Estate Goals.


A  businesswoman, Endorsed by The National Association of Realtors recognizing  her Commitment to Excellence for practicing real estate at the Highest professional standards.

Currently an active contributor @UNIVISION34 Los Angeles, El Gordo y la Flaca, Posible Radio KTNQ-1020.

Certified International Property Specialist, knowledgeable  on how to compete in today's domestic and international real estate market.

Looking to Make a Move?



Let us guide you in leveraging this strategic moment to ensure your goals are met with precision and success.

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Experience-Driven Excellence!
Where Strategies are Sculpted,
Transactions Perfected, and Dreams of
Both Buyers and Sellers Realized.

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