Brand New Homes

Don’t go to see a Brand New Home, unless you go with your Realtor.

Did you know Builders charge NEW HOME BUYERS the same bottom line price with or without a REALTOR® involved?

As your New Home buyer agent, we unlock the Realtor® cost center and rebates of thousands of dollars back to you, and even more if you have a home to sell, you may choose to use your Rebate Credit to lower or perhaps even completely eliminate the MLS listing fee you would otherwise pay to sell your current home.

We offer results oriented solutions that will save you THOUSANDS IN FEES! I have been helping New Home Buyers to buy their Brand New Home since 2005. If you want to avoid common NEW HOME BUYERS mistakes, including builders, then you would like access to only experienced and time proven Realtors, then we can help!

Did you know the Realtor® Commission is a Built-in Cost When Buying a New Home?

No matter what your final bottom-line negotiated new home price may be, that price still includes a Realtor® commission whether you have a Realtor® or not, therefore you’re paying the Realtor® commission one way or the other.

That is exactly why I should be part of your new home purchase strategy.  With Sandy Flores as your agent, we can unlock the “Realtor Commission” cost center that is built into the price of your new home, and rebate back to you a significant amount of this component. You may even use your cash rebate savings to reduce your closing costs, buy down interest rates, get design center upgrade credit or even towards reducing your home’s final sales price, you choose. 

Sandy Flores  offers rebates for all builders, and I will split 50-50 the gross commission paid to REOD, and knowing that you have a  Realtor that will take you hand to hand over the entire process, until you are completely satisfied with the purchase of your NEW HOME, doesn’t get any better than this!

Let’s get together and we will go over all the facts.

Some Restrictions apply. 

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