You can save up to $ 100,000 – Approximately last the term of the life of your mortgage loan.

       Mortgage rates are historically low, and many owners have the opportunity to take advantage, but not all owners pay close attention to these numbers.  You have the opportunity to investigate the possibility of refinancing through HARP or stream line if your loan is FHA to take advantage of the historic rates.  You can analyze  that gives you the financial interest and the most convenient terms according to your personal situation, and what is better still compare these rates with various financial institutions through the good Estimate faith. This simple action prompts banks to be more competitive and offer rates lower while they. Mortgage rates are closely linked to the action of the Federal Reserve – Fed and the economy, so it’s important that you analyze your financial situation to see if you should take advantage of the historic rates of interest today, before they take off.      

Let me explain with numbers in this example:

Balance of   mortgage:  $ 200,000 –

§  Interest @6.5% Monthly Payment 1,440.                                           

§  Interest @3.75% Monthly Payment $ 1,014.                                           

§  Total Savings Monthly $ 426.                                                          

§  Total Savings Per Year $5,112.

§  30 Years Total Savings  $153.360.

Check your mortgage repayments, check the interest, balance and the term of life pending on your loan, and so you can determine that refinancing, especially through the Government Program HARP not require evaluation of the value of the property, conventional and FHA (Streamline) Refinance Short are great choices to consider allowing substantial savings!


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