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Navigating the home selling process for the first time can be intimidating, but there are steps you can take to feel more prepared.
Start by contacting us, as we are skilled professionals you trust and rely to help you achieve your real estate goals. As an experienced Real Estate Broker will be there for you to guide you through the marketing, staging, and ultimately accepting an offer.

I am a global real estate professional Real Estate Broker. I know how to compete in today’s international real estate market.

Buyers from around the world are investing in properties like yours, in every U.S. state.

I have the education, resources and the network to build an international marketing strategy for your property to help attract qualified buyers locally and from around the world.

Let's Get together to share with you on how the Real Estate Market
is evolving in your particular area.

We will help you to assess what is the best listing price to get it right at first, avoiding your property being seating on the market longer than expected.

We will design a marketing plan that will help your property stand out from the competitor’s properties

Stop worrying and reach out to our skilled, and trusted real estate professionals.


Real Estate is a personal service, and we  know nothing can beat personal attention, career experience and local market knowledge.

Our experience, innovation efficiency and commitment to excellency in real estate is our pride and legacy.

Skills and Knowledge you can Trust.

Real Estate is a personal service and we ar Real Estate On demand know nothing can beat personal attention, career experience and local market knowledge.
Our experience, innovation efficiency and commitment to excellence in real estate is our pride and legacy.


We provide a dedicated and stress-free real estate service to our clients by keeping them informed, listens to their needs, and works tirelessly on their behalf ensuring a smooth and easy real estate transaction. Many refer to us as the go-to-realtor providing unmatchable top notch real estate services built on honesty and tailored to match our client’s preferences.


We are proud of the achievements we have done through the years as well as all the national honors we have bagged. But I am more proud of all the clients I’ve worked with through the years who know, without a doubt, that they can trust me to move heaven and earth to make sure their needs and expectations are met.


Whether is your primary home, secondary vacation home home or investment property, we ensure the process is both easy and enjoyable.

Experience you Need. Results you want.

As experts in real estate, we understand the local housing market, listen to your concerns, and desires and are able to advantageously maximize your budget.
Sandy Flores Broker/Owner at Real Estate On Demand
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