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The Education is key 

By Laura Bucio – Excelsior Reporter

Sandy Flores talks about her new book, by which she tries to help people who are at risk of losing their homes. Sandy Flores is the author of “Together in the Fight Against Foreclosure,” and hopes that through this book, more people know what to do in case of a foreclosure.

Education is the KeyAs an experienced Realtor, Sandy Flores has heard some of the saddest stories of the industry. Stories of people who have lost not only their homes but their savings and along with that, hope. It was precisely these stories, which prompted Flores to create a guide for homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes.

 “My inspiration is the frustration and pain that Hispanic families are trying to keep their homes, without legitimate resources that could guide them where to go, who to call, who to speak with, what to do and where to find help” Flores said.

In the book “Together in Fighting Foreclosure” Flores tries to provide all information necessary for people to fight to retain their homes.

 “This is a guide from A to Z,” Flores said. “There is information on where one can complain, where one can find help, what non-profits are, what government agencies are going to see one’s interest, who can one complain to if one’s bank does not help, and who can one call if the bank did not return a call, or does absolutely nothing. ”

These are just some examples of information that can be found within the book. The names of the housing agencies and purpose that each agency has are also included.

“What I try to do is let people see that you’re not alone, help is out there,” Flores said.

But even beyond that, Flores has a ore simple goal for the book: EDUCATE.Education is the Key

For Flores, retaining your home not only begins when you’re already at risk of foreclosure, she explained. The retention of home begins from the moment you start going shopping.

“Everything starts at the time you buy your house,” she said.

“When you buy a house, you purchase the same loan and the specific terms of that loan are what you need to know,” she said.

“Learn the conditions that the bank is giving to you for you to repair debt and analyze. It is important to know that you are comfortable paying back the loan amount.”

Also, Flores says, is vital to be well educated and do your own research before buying a property. Education, she says, is the key to ensuring that you never have to worry about losing their home to foreclosure in the future.

“If the owner and the consumer are more educated, everyone will be in a better position and we won’t be seeing things happen as often, because foreclosures are massive now,” she said.

As part of the book, you can also find information to avoid suffering mortgage fraud, sample forms, contracts in Spanish and a list of the real estate industry terms and their meanings, among many other things.

For more information or to purchase the book, visit

Remember …

 Always a be bit wary when making a deal. This does not mean that everything is bad, but it does mean that you are responsible for doing your own research and making sure to read any document you sign as well.

 Always ask for the license number of the real estate agent, or any person who is helping you with a loan modification.

Never pay money to agencies that claim to help you stop foreclosure, or guarantee a loan modification. This kind of help is always free and offered by agencies approved by the government. No organization can guarantee a modification.

Stay Educated!

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