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If you haven’t given much thought to selling your home this year, you might want to think twice!

Trulia conducted a survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, conducted by Harris Poll to get a feel for expectations and plans for housing and homeownership in 2018.  The survey results show 31 percent of respondents expect 2018 to be a better year for selling a home than 2017 – and just 14 percent expect it to be worse.

Despite the enthusiasm, only 6 percent of homeowners surveyed plan to sell their home in 2018. Real estate information company Zillow echoes these sentiments in its predictions for 2018, expecting inventory shortages to continue to drive the housing market. With too few homes on the market to meet buyer demand, prices increase, and would-be buyers can’t afford the price or down payment needed to submit a winning offer.
If you’re a homeowner and have been thinking about selling, what are you waiting for?

You may NOT consider 2018 to be your year to sell, but here are a lot of facts supporting why selling in the next 12 months could be more advantageous to you as seller than you think.

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