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Ayuda para comprar tu CASA PROPIA SIN PAGO INICIAL

1 GSFA 5

El programa GSFA Platinum Program fue creado para ayudar a los compradores de vivienda de ingresos bajos a moderados en California a comprar una casa proporcionando el pago inicial y/o la asistencia para el costo de cierre (DPA), actualmente en la forma de una segunda hipoteca perdonable. Desde 2010, GSFA Platinum ha ayudado a 23.100 … Read more

The American Dream!

Home Exterior

We often speak about, or observe others, discussing, about the American Dream, which, for most Americans, includes owning a home of one’s own! It has been concluded, people feel this way, for a wide variety of reasons, including how it emotionally fulfills individuals, their self – image, family needs, financial freedom among others. Let’s refer … Read more

Sandy Flores

Sandy is a savvy businesswoman with a passion for real estate. She is also a Real Estate Broker and Award-Winning Realtor. Having more than 25 years experience in the industry, and enthusiastically counting, she knows that in order for you to do a great job is that you have to love what you do, her … Read more

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