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Protect Yourself From False Promises to Avoid Foreclosure

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By Sandy Flores Real estate instructor at the College of Santa Ana “Foreclosures are affecting many homeowners and communities, which sadly dishonest financial staff appreciate that the strategy of collecting scarce dollars of these families with financial difficulties, offered in exchange empty promises and false claims” said Caroline H. Krewson, and deputy regional director of … Read more

California Withdraws from the Research Committee

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By Sandy Flores   California announced his retirement from the Committee for Research on malpractices in the process of foreclosure. In a letter sent by the Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris, on Friday September 30 to Attorney General Thomas Perrelli and Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, Harris said the proposed arrangement, widely denounced by 20,000 … Read more

Alternative Program Awards up To $3,000 for Homeowner’s

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 By Sandy Flores Real estate instructor at the College of Santa Ana The Treasury Department provided a viable alternative program, providing home owners who can not keep their property through modification programs, to consider the HAFA Program (Alternatives to avoid Foreclosure) to avoid foreclosure. The HAFA takes effect on April 5 and ending on December 31, … Read more

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