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By Sandy Flores Broker,

While the days of easy credit and 100% financing that were so trendy few years ago are gone. You might think that there are no more options available to help you with your down payment. Well, let me break the news for you!  THERE ARE  legitimate programs that can help you buy a home with  Down Payment Assistance.

Yes, that’s exactly why I am reaching out to you. There are programs that will provide the down payment for you so you can buy your home. Programs such as grants to interest-free second mortgages,  and other special mortgage programs, giving you the opportunity to become a homeowner and stop renting. Even better, some of these programs will not require repayment after a certain period of time.

Although,  these programs are a great source for Down Payment, keep in mind that buyers will have to qualify  income limits depending on the city and county you are trying to buy your home.

For instance, a buyer living in Orange County, Calif., can earn nearly $98,000 a year approximately and qualify for a grant of up to 5 percent of the purchase price of the home, according to the requirements of one of the down payment assistance programs available in the state.

Now, these Down Payment Assistance comes in many forms, but the most common sources are:

  • Community Grants
  • State Housing Agencies
  • Local Housing Agencies
  • Lender Specific Community Reinvestment Act Programs
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • Federal Housing Administration

There are more sources than listed above, but these actually are the most common and  the vast majority of available programs.

So what are you waiting for? This is a great opportunity you can benefit from, and I am here for you, as your Realtor.  A Realtor that will always be there for you, taking care of your best interests. Not only during or after the purchase, but always. I am proud to be a Realtor since 1995, and wear the Realtor’s hat with dignity, pride and satisfaction to be part of such an important achievement in favor of home buyers.  My mission is to keep the dream of Home-ownership Alive!

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