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ALERT! Protect Yourself From Mortgage Scams

By Sandy Flores

Special to Excelsior

The hard fact be facing a financial crisis, and even worse, the possibility of losing their property to foreclosure are frightening experiences, together with the possibility that these are circumstances in which scammers appear to take advantage of the vulnerability of desperate homeowners.

 Many so-called “companies foreclosure rescue”, or agencies that are offered as “loan modification specialists” to prevent foreclosures, say they can help you save your home. But some of these companies act with such disloyalty that offer a money back guarantee, and unfortunately, after getting your money, they leave these fraudsters and you will have to bear the brunt.

Stay alert! companies foreclosure rescue acting fraudulently using half-truths and lies to sell services that promise a specific solution that never comes. The objective of these scammers is to profit quickly, charging fees or perhaps your mortgage payments without passing it to the bank charged.

It is common for these companies to use a variety of tactics to locate homeowners who are burdened by this. This information, unfortunately for the homeowner is to the public, such as warnings that are recorded in the public records when you are in foreclosure, the files of government offices, newspapers or the Internet, then send them personalized with confidential material for urgent care cards.

Other companies use methods broader as ads on the Internet, paid on commercial radio or television, magazines or newspapers, distributing flyers, putting up posters on poles wired phone or on public roads, bus stops, etc..

When they have achieved their purpose, use another variety of tactics to get their money. These opportunistic firms will insist probably for you directly pay them fees for your mortgage to them while negotiating your case with the bank. It also may be told NOT to contact your bank, lawyer or credit counselor and leave the details of the negotiation in your hands, This is the worst mistake! Always stay informed!

Do not sign documents for signing. You might believe that you are signing documents for a new loan to catch up with their mortgage through a refinance or modification, and they have to sign documents that transferred the title to his house on behalf of another person or entity, in exchange for a loan of what they call “rescue”.

If you have trouble paying your mortgage or if you have received a foreclosure notice, establish contact your bank immediately. You have many possibilities that can be negotiated under a new payment program, especially if you are eligible and qualify to “Programs and Capacity Stability Payment Homeowner – Making Home Affordable”, sponsored by the government of the administration of President Barack Obama.

Remember that banks do not want to foreclosures because they are procedures that cost a lot.

The publication of the Federal Trade Commission, FTC titled “Payments Sending You Reeling mortgage?, This is what you can do,” explains other options to avoid foreclosure, among which include the mortgage reinstatement and forbearance payment. Please check back on the website at / credit .

To learn more about mortgages and other credit-related issues, visit Internet / credit and financial education portal of the U.S. government / Spanish, and

If you are facing foreclosure, the Federal Trade Commission (or in English, Federal Trade Commission , FTC), through the National Consumer Protection Agency wishes to provide information on how to recognize a scam foreclosure. And even if you have started the process of implementation, and colleagues FTC enforcement of the law want you to know about what the legitimate options available to help you save your home are.

These are the types of messages that scammers use to attract more consumer attention. Consider it a warning sign if you say something like the following:

 “And Stop Foreclosure”.

“We guarantee to stop your foreclosure.”

“Keep your house. We know that selling your home already has a date. No problem “.

“We have special contacts with several banks that can speed up the approval of cases like yours.”

“We can save your home. Guaranteed. Free consultation. “

“Every day we avoid foreclosures. Our team of professionals can prevent yours this week! “.

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